Where compassion meets justice.

About The Table


Connecting global communities and creating advocates for social justice. 


To shed light on the social justice issues of our time and inspire others to engage, understand, humanize, and advocate for these causes within their own communities. To be generative,
not exploitative.



There is something beautiful that happens when we come together and sit down at the table to break bread and pour the wine. The divine comes to earth and it supersedes geography, culture and pride. Walls come down, conversations happen naturally, we hear and are heard. Understanding, compassion, and dignity converge into love, hope and justice. Incredible things happen at the table. When we all bring our strengths and weaknesses to the table in vulnerability, we realize how much we need each other to be complete. We are forced to confront our own poverty before we try and enter into someone else’s poverty. In this, we find mutuality. We can embrace our common brokenness and also, our common strength. When we advocate for each other, when we bring all we are and have to the table…there we find that there’s more than enough.

Our Partner organizations are making a world of difference domestically, and internationally, and there’s still much more work to be done. At the Table, we seek to educate, empower, and develop creative contributors, our hopeful partners, our audiences as well as ourselves. We are all at the Table together.

The Table Initiative

"Where Compassion and Justice Meet" 
Connecting Global Communities and Creating Advocates for Social Justice. 
This is accomplished through Community and Nonprofit empowerment and charitable services, namely, coordination of non-monetary contributions to charities & nonprofits.



How do they drive what we do?

Our Core Values drive how we serve, how we select our social justice partners, Board, team leaders, team participants and initiatives. They also prioritize how we invest our time and resources and influence how we develop and empower our initiatives. 

Humility: Listening, learning, posture

Advocacy: In listening, we learn to understand and view issues from a different perspective. Once we learn the unheard stories, we will speak up for those who whisper with hope and amplify their voice and advocate on their behalf once the accountability issues have been addressed.

Dignity: We want to speak into the dignity of every person and story we encounter.
"The root of poverty is a lack of dignity." - Jerry Shannon.

Beauty: There is beauty to be found in every soul, every culture, every situation. Beauty should be shared and poverty not exploited.

Strategic: We do not partner with any and everyone. We must know that they have specific vision and meet a specific need within each community that we serve in.

Faith: We are followers of Jesus, but all are welcome at our table.

Unity: Our teams must take the posture of unity and humility, so that we can learn, listen and serve unhindered by our own agendas. 

Accountability: We expect accountability of ourselves as well as of our partners. Over the years, we have found that those who “talk a good game” aren’t always trustworthy with resources, so accountability and open communication are vital.

Creativity: We admire and celebrate creative solutions to the most challenging problems in society. We believe in creativity because we know there are many ways to view a challenge and find solutions within every context.

Excellence: We expect nothing less than excellence because of the standards our partners and also of our own standards. We love, serve, learn, listen and grow together in excellence.

Empowerment: We believe in the empowerment of the local leadership of our partners, that gives us the confidence to empower our team members/advocates to take the vision and mission of The Table and our partners to their areas of influence for further grass-roots engagement.

Generative: We want our presence and service to be generative, not exploitative.

Community: Above all, we believe in Community. Our values above define the global community in which we believe. 


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