Any amount helps us achieve our goals

Our initiatives are the key to lasting change. Each initiative is about empowerment, sustainability and relationship. Below are our Initiatives and our Core Values drive our partnerships with NGOs around the world and the Advocates/Leaders that we choose. Our trip and partnership models were created for long-term success and relationships after years of experience, trial and error and by listening to our in-country partners who desire to empower local leadership. All our trips follow this structure and evolve as we continue to learn and grow.

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Our initiatives include: 

-       Street kids

-       Child Trafficking

-       Family Preservation

-       Widows/Single Mothers

-       Education

-       Community Development/Sponsorship

-       Clean Water

-       Prostitution

-       Medical/Dental

-       Training

-       Creative/Media

-       Discipleship

-       Social Entrepreneurship/Job Creation

-       Refugees


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