An Important Note From Our Founder 


It’s autumn — the season that reminds us how letting go can be a thing of beauty. Fall is by far my favorite season of the year, but it’s only recently that I’ve been able to embrace the symbolism displayed by Mother Nature and apply it to my life. 


I’ve had to let go of a lot in my lifetime. At just 11 years old, I had already lived in 31 different places. Change was something I just “got used to”, but it’s because I honestly didn’t know anything else. Unfortunately, I did not realize the toll it had taken on me — I always sensed a feeling of loss . Six years ago, we decided to move our family from Oklahoma to Colorado. We hoped putting down roots would bring stability and community that we craved. I think I also subconsciously hoped it would mean an end to change. 


Perhaps it’s the therapy sessions I’ve had, or getting dangerously close to turning 40 (or both), but these past six years have made me somewhat less adverse to change. For those of you who have followed our journey as an organization, you know that just over a year ago we went through a complete rebrand and re-visioning for The Table Initiative. It took almost 2 years of intensive work to roll out, and my irrational hope was that once we launched, every detail would just fall into place — that this thing would sort of run itself. Even though the response to our organizational rebrand has been overwhelmingly positive, it didn’t take long for us to feel an uneasiness that we weren’t doing all we could. It was time to go even further.


One thing that has not changed within me after almost 20 years in the non-profit arena is my passion for social justice. Our WHY hasn’t changed, but we have learned that as our culture shifts, HOW we engage will require some calculated adjustments. Our vision trips and creative teams have found ways to facilitate impact and inspire new advocates. But as we've waded into deeper waters with our team members, partners, and board, a consistent theme has emerged: through all the work we’ve done, the most powerful transformations have come as a result of education and humble conversations. Meeting one other on equal terms, and sharing kind and inquisitive dialogue has opened every door. It only makes sense for us to recalibrate The Table once again so we can lean intentionally into this.


We have just wrapped up our annual Board of Directors meeting, and this new direction is starting to take form. If you’re reading this on our newly revamped website, you’ll notice we’ve moved to more of a “publication” feel. That is very intentional. We want our site to be a platform for sharing stories, videos, resources and conversations that humanize the social justice issues of our time. As you’ve likely seen on our Instagram account as well (@thetable_world ) – there’s a fresh, new look designed to make it easier for people to find encouragement and learn about locals helping locals, near and far. Our hope is that learning and listening will turn into understanding, understanding into compassion, and compassion into action. We are also asking for followers to tag local and international organizations who are sharing compelling stories and meeting unique needs with a healthy, holistic and sustainable approach. We will still continue some of our trips overseas, but invite you to join The Table community in this new way.


This fall, I hope you lean into changes with bravery and find its beauty (preferably with something pumpkin spice or maple in your hand!). If you’d like to start a conversation with us, please email us at



Caleb David 

Caleb David