Missional Rape: Embracing Our Own Poverty

Next year, it will have been 20 years. 20 years that we have been involved in taking people overseas to serve. In those two decades, we have facilitated short-term trips for over 10,000 people in well over over a dozen nations. Many of those trips, were literally hundreds of people at a time that would descend armed with good hearts, naiveté and veiled arrogance. Our largest group was 850 people that traveled at one time, 22 teams of about 40 people each…and yes, they had matching t-shirts, in fact, our friend and comedian, John Crist may have even been on a couple of those trips. It may have created plenty of fodder for his now sold-out shows across the nation. 

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Caleb David
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A bold and thoughtful native Ugandan woman walked us through her, and her teams journey to ending gender-based violence, and misinformation on women’s health. A must read, period.

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Jenny Yucus